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Antalya: The Secret Summer Paradise of Ancient Societies


Antalya, the fifth most populous city in Turkey, is a real Mediterranean city where dozens of different civilizations left their traces. The city develops more and more every day due to its mild climate and a large number of tourists in the summer months.

Settlements in the city first started in 200 BC. The first settlers are thought to be the people of the Bergama Empire. Most of the ancient cities and ruins that you will see here are from that period. The city was founded by 2. Attalos, but after the collapse of the Pergamon Kingdom, it was plundered by pirates for a long time. In 77 AD, Commander Servilius Isauricus added Antalya to Roman lands and in that way, a new era began. Antalya was also used as an important religious center during the Byzantine period.

Today, we will introduce you to selected major destinations for those who want to make both a historical Turkey tour and a touristic Turkey tour. If you wish, let’s start right away!

Main Destinations of Antalya (Region by Region)

The city of Antalya heavily hosts both local and international tourists, especially during the summer months. That’s why there are five-star and seven-star ultra-luxury hotels in the coastal areas of the city. The most popular residential areas can be listed as Olympos, Kemer, Finike, Alanya, and Kas.

  1. Olympos is definitely the right choice if you want to spend a pleasant time in a calm, nature-intertwined place with bungalow houses in summer. Olympos also includes a very large archaeological site called Olympos Ancient City. The city was the most important center of the Lycian civilization in the past and was also an important trade area.
  2. Kemer is frequently preferred by those who plan a fun and luxurious vacation. This seaside resort is perfect for those who want an all-inclusive holiday in big hotels. It has an extremely cosmopolitan structure in terms of people who live there: Greeks and Turks live together, while both churches and mosques are located side by side.
  3. Finike is one of the areas of Turkey that is especially popular with its oranges -Yes, we mean it! This place is really popular in terms of fresh, juicy, and organic oranges! Finike, formerly known as Phoenicus, is a real harbor area and is located in the historical field also known as the Lycian Peninsula. Since Limyra stone is extracted from this region, it also has a special commercial value.
  4. Alanya is a great destination, especially for you to eat the most delicious bananas of Turkey. We are sure that you will love the lush nature of this place. There are also important areas such as Alanya Castle, Damlatas Caves, Kızılkule here.

See the photos of these places and the other regions in detail:

Beaches of Antalya (Best for Unforgettable Summer Vacation)

Antalya is a city with mountains parallel to the sea. Therefore, when you look towards the sea from ashore, you will see an endless horizon -different from the Aegean part of Turkey. Here beaches, coves, and other special local areas usually give you this feeling of eternity. Andrea Doria, Konyaaltı Beach, Korsan Bay, Olympos, Damlatas Caves, and many more will allow you to experience a dreamlike vacation.

  1. Olympos will allow you to take excellent photos with its light blue, fairy-tale color and white beach stones.
  2. The most important feature of Çıralı Beach, which is located just ahead of Olympos, is that it is a perfect destination for camping. We are sure that you will love camping areas in this region.
  3. Adrasan Bay is an excellent area that you can access at the end of a 20-kilometer trekking activity starting from Olympos.
  4. We generally recommend Konyaaltı Beach for those who love crowded and fun environments. You will feel the ‘’real crazy beach days’’ here! On the other hand, for those who admire ancient bays, quiet and calmer areas such as Olympos or Adrasan will be the perfect choices.

Ancient Cities and Ruins of Antalya

Antalya is a special destination that has hosted many magnificent civilizations from the Byzantine Empire to Rome. The vast archaeological sites you can visit here will offer you points that will allow you to build strong bridges with the past. So, which places provide the best ancient ruins in Antalya for groups? Let us put it this way:

  1. Especially the Lycian way is an excellent option for those who want to do trekking activities.
  2. Olympos fascinates those who see it with its wide area and its ancient structures that are still extremely robust.
  3. Side ancient city is a great photographic area for tourist groups.

Well, which places provide the best ancient ruins in Antalya for travelers on a budget? Let’s put it this way: Almost every ancient city demands fairly affordable entrance fees. Especially Antalya Aspendos Ancient City is frequently preferred by tourists. In addition, Termessos will really impress you with its view on the slopes of Güllük Mountain.

Let’s see the best photos of them!

Must-Seen Places in Antalya to Have A Perfect Turkey Tour

So, what are the top attractions to visit in Antalya? Well, Antalya’s surface area is quite large. Therefore, besides wide beaches and ancient cities, there are caves, canyons, parks, religious worship centers, cable cars, and cliffs here waiting for you to be visited!

To get to know Antalya better, you can register for a 3-5 day Turkey tour and have the chance to explore every area you visit in detail through a local travel guide. Since Antalya is a city by the sea, low altitudes and elevations are very popular in the landforms of the city. This situation led to the formation of waterfalls and cliffs. Those who like to take nature photographs can prefer these areas where they can go very comfortably with their children.

Thanks to the cable car, you will have the chance to watch the beauty of nature and the city from a very high point for minutes.

  1. Saklıkent Canyon is also defined as a National Park and has an excellent water source.
  2. Manavgat Waterfall is open to visitors in a very large facility. You will also like to buy souvenirs here.
  3. Duden Falls is an extremely popular destination with a 40-meter longest drop. When you get here the weather will be quite cool. Because the scattered waters of the waterfall increase the humidity of the area. Therefore, if you come here especially in winter, do not forget to dress tight.

When to go to Antalya? – Having A Day in Antalya

Antalya has a mild climate in almost every season. Therefore, you can have a pleasant time here even in winter with a light outfit, coat, or trench coat. High humidity in the summer months may prevent you from traveling at noon. You can enjoy the beach at noon, visit the historical areas in the morning and explore the living streets of the city with pleasant casual walks in the evening. It’s that simple!