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Explore the Ancient City of Troy

Gallipoli (Canakkale ) :  Where History and the Nature Meet


Gallipoli is a district of Çanakkale province in northwestern Turkey. This wonderful city admires those who see it with the beauty of its nature, which history adds to it, and makes them have an unforgettable holiday. We know that the history of this city, which is not clear when it was founded, is at least as old as the city of Troy. Its name comes from ancient Greek, meaning the city of the Celts. Gallipoli is also very important for Turks. The Battle of Çanakkale took place here, great losses were inflicted and the war was won.

Gallipoli is an ideal place for those who want to do culture and sea tourism together. Let’s explore this beautiful and historic city together!

Ancient Cities of Gallipoli, Canakkale

What about having a virtual tour in Canakkale, Turkey with us? Let’s explore then!

The Ancient City of Troy, which is the subject of epics

You can visit the ancient city of Troy, the site of the Trojan War mentioned in Homer’s Iliad Epic, on your trip to Çanakkale. The history of this place, which has been on the UNESCO world heritage list for 22 years, dates back to 3000 BC. A beauty contest caused by the Troy War was also held here. You can visit this place and witness ancient Greek history in the world’s most famous ancient city. You can also visit the Troy horse used in the movie Troy, starring Brad Pitt, and take a souvenir photo in front of it.

The Ancient City of Assos

The history of the ancient city of Assos dates back to 6000 BC. This city is surrounded by walls that can be seen today, and there are many important places in it, from the Temple of Athena to the theater. We are sure that you will enjoy your trip with the sea on the one hand and the ancient city of Assos, which is full of history on the other.

Mirrored Bazaar

This bazaar, which was built by Eliyau Hallio in 1890, is one of the important touristic places. This bazaar, which was destroyed during the Çanakkale War, was renovated in 1967 and became its current state. You should definitely visit Mirrored Bazaar where souvenirs and local products are sold.

Kilitbahir Castle

Built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1463, this castle consists of three parts: the outer Castle, the inner castle, and the main tower. This castle, built to keep the sea crossing under control on the Rumeli side of the Dardanelles Strait, was built 10 years after the conquest of Istanbul. In art history books around the world, the special architecture of this castle is mentioned. The most notable feature of Kilitbahir is its seven-story, Clover-planned inner castle. This planning scheme has not been used in any other castle. As we mentioned, do not leave Gallipoli without seeing this castle, which is special in most respects.

Historic Cemeteries, Memorials, and Places in Gallipoli that you must see

Want to see which historic monuments are ‘’must-seen’’ in Canakkale? Let’s dive in!

  1. Regiment Turkish Memorial: The 57. Regiment Turkish Memorial, designed by architect Nejat Dinçel, was built on 12 December 1992. The 57th Regiment of the 19th Division, commanded by Colonel Hüseyin Avni Bey, was the first place to welcome and repulse the Anzac soldiers here in the Arıburnu Front on the first day of the infestation. You need to see this special place and observe the deep scars left by the war.
  2. Beach Cemetery: It is a cemetery containing 391 British, Australian, and New Zealand soldiers who lost their lives in the First World War. Founded in 1915, there are 21 soldiers whose identity is unknown in this cemetery. This important place will be of interest to history lovers and is actually a place that everyone should see.
  3. Respect to Mehmetçik Statue: It is a Turkish military statue that carries a wounded Australian soldier to his trenches. Under it, Lord Casey said that they fought against Turks but they admired and appreciated the Turkish nation and their unmatched love for the country. This special statue, in which two enemy soldiers helped each other, tells about the harsh conditions of war and mercy. You will feel a lot when you look at this statue and you will not be able to forget this special place.
  4. The Nek: The Nek Cemetery, where 316 Australian soldiers were found, of which only 5 could be identified, was built in 1919. This cemetery was built in memory of the soldiers who died in the war, and because of its location, it also has a beautiful sea view. You must visit this historic cemetery.
  5. Ariburnu Cemetery

    Ariburnu is located at the northern end of Anzac Cove, where the first Australians arrived on 25 April 1915. The cemetery contains the graves of 151 soldiers from Australia, 35 from New Zealand, 27 from the United Kingdom, 3 from India, 1 from Malta, 37 soldiers whose troops were not identified, and 5 special memorials.

  6. Lone Pine Australian Memorial: Lone pine takes its name from the only pine tree that Australian soldiers saw when they came here. For 4 months, very heavy fighting occurred at Lone Pine, and many soldiers died. Lone Pine, a place where you can visit the grave of the soldiers who lost their lives, where you can remember them, is one of the places you should see when you come here.
  7. Anzac Cove: Anzac Cove is the place where Anzac soldiers disembarked on April 25, 1915. It is a 600-meter long bay that has international importance and is visited by thousands of local and foreign people every year. New Zealand and Australian tourists who come here every year hold ceremonies and commemorate their ancestors. This is a must-see place not only for Australian and New Zealand tourists but for every local and foreign tourist.
  8. Chunuk Bair New Zealand Memorial: Conkbayırı, one of the important places for the Çanakkale War, is also known as the place where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s clock was destroyed in the war. It also has a wonderful view of nature with the Dardanelles on the right and the Aegean Sea on the left. The memorial was built in 1925 and is 20.5 meters high. It is the largest national memorial built by New Zealanders. You should see this place while visiting Gallipoli.
  9. Johnston’s Jolly: Johnston’s Jolly cemetery takes its name from Australian artillery officer G. Johnston. In the cemetery; With 39 Australians, 1 New Zealander, and 141 unidentified soldiers, there are a total of 181 soldiers and 37 tombstones. The trenches from the war period can also be visited around the cemetery. You should see this place on this trip that will affect you deeply.

Two Beautiful Island of Canakkale; Bozcaada and Gokceada

Two beautiful islands we recommend to those who want to relieve the stress of the whole year and want a peaceful sea holiday: Gökçeada and Bozcaada. If you want, you can visit both islands or choose one of them and spend your holiday there. You will never regret visiting these two islands and witnessing their unspoiled beauty. Bozcaada is an island whose history dates back to 3000 B.C., famous for its wines, colorful streets, and delicious seafood. Gökçeada is one of 11 cittaslows (slow city) in Turkey. If you dream of a holiday that is calm, peaceful, and intertwined with nature, this is the one for you! But if you ask us, both islands are beautiful and worth seeing. You should see them both.

Adatepe Village

This small village, which fascinates everyone with its unique beauty and sincere atmosphere, is located on the slope of Mount Ida. This village, which goes back to the historical Trojans, is waiting for its visitors who escape from the city life and take shelter in nature with its unique stone houses, proximity to the sea, and clean nature. The Zeus Altar, The Stone School, and the olive oil museum are among the places you should see here.

Writen By : Zehra Nur Celik