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Gaziantep: Explore the Magnificant Cuisine and Ancient History


Are you ready to visit a city that will allow you to experience the real Anatolian culture in Turkey in the closest possible way? We are sure that you will love the multi-ethnic market areas, large parks, museums, and natural places of this city located on the Syrian border of Turkey. The most important feature of Gaziantep is that it hosts special agricultural projects and thanks to the university it has, it receives the migration of many people from many locations. Today, we will examine this beautiful city in detail with you. We have listed the places that you should definitely go to to have a pleasant Gaziantep trip. If you wish, let’s get started right away!

Gaziantep Castle

Gaziantep Castle is an incredibly magnificent structure built during the Hittite period according to researches. The area where the structure was built in the top of a hill, so anyone who climbs here can take excellent city photos. After the building was built, it was restored and rebuilt between 527 and 565 AD.

The main reason this structure was highly valued by many emperors is that the castle’s strategic location is exceptionally high. Those who come to the castle will also come to the Gaziantep Defense and Heroism Panoramic Museum. Because the two are exactly the same place!

gaziantep castle

Photo via Instagram : @herogezgin

Zincirli Bedesten Bazaar

Are you ready to meet a historical shopping mall in Gaziantep? Those who want to visit Turkey and buy aesthetic, antique, and ethnic items will really love this bazaar because it is possible to purchase jewelry, shoes & hookahs here. There are a total of 73 shops in the bazaar, and the products with authentic features attract attention. Zincirli Bedesten, a covered market, is often compared to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.


zincirli bedesten gaziantep turkey

Photo via Instagram : @outstandingallery


Dülük Ancient City

Dülük Ancient City, one of the favorite destinations of archeology enthusiasts coming to Gaziantep, is approximately 10 kilometers from the city center. It is extremely easy to reach here by private car, taxi, or local transportation services. The most important feature of the city is that it carries the traces of people who lived in these lands approximately 30-40 thousand years ago.

While visiting this place, you will have the chance to closely observe and experience the dusty pages of history. Especially the fact that Hittites, Medes, Assyrians, and Persians lived here allowed many historical monuments located there. This deep-rooted history of the past has made the region extremely valuable. Furthermore, there are caves and rock tombs in this ancient city.



If you want to see a real natural wonder and make your Turkey tour unforgettable, what you need to do is simple. Located 50 kilometers west of Şanlıurfa city and preserving its Hellenistic nature and interesting ambiance, this area is actually a combination of a river and a stream. One of the most famous rivers in Turkey is located in the junction of the Euphrates River Menderes Stream this structure is surrounded by high cliffs and therefore constitutes a fairytale landscape. If you come to Gaziantep, don’t forget to visit it.




Gaziantep Coppersmiths Bazaar

Are you ready to meet a historical bazaar, a symbol of a 500-year-old tradition? Here you will witness the development of a true art of making objects. Until the 19th century, traditional production of goods continued in this bazaar. In other words, this place was used both as a production area and a sales area. When you visit this place, you will be able to buy dried versions of healthy vegetables such as eggplant, peppers, and zucchini. Moreover, teapots, pots, or other kitchen utensils made of copper are also purchased here.

gaziantep coppersmiths bazaar

Yesemek Open Air Museum

You will really love this museum, which has many historical monuments of the Late Hittite Kingdoms and has some areas especially influenced by Hittite, Syrian, Aramaic, and Assyrian arts. In the past, the artistic activities carried out here first reached the Aegean shores and then influenced Greek art. You will really like the reliefs and architectural pieces that you will see here and refer to polytheistic religions. Also, we are sure that you will want to photograph them immediately.
yesemek open air museum


Zeugma Mosaic Museum

Are you ready to meet Zeugma, one of the most visited mosaic museums in Turkey? Did you know that Zeugma Mosaic Museum is the largest mosaic museum in the world? The total size of the mosaics found here is 1700 square meters. This area, which opened its doors to its visitors for the first time on 9 September 2011, is particularly rich in artistic figures made in the Roman period. Excavations here have earned archaeological world records for Turkey.


Gaziantep Archeology Museum

The high rate of archaeological studies in the city of Gaziantep and the fact that this place has a very rich history caused the establishment of a separate archaeological museum in addition to other museums exhibit mosaics. In this state museum, which has been in service since 2005, many historical and artistic works from the Roman city site of the Zeugma period are exhibited. It should be said that this museum, located in the city center of Gaziantep, has many works representing the Chalcolithic and Old Bronze Age. If you want to discover the rich history of Anatolia and Mesopotamia right away, this is the destination you should definitely visit.



Gaziantep Hamam Museum

While visiting this impressive area built-in 1577, you will feel that you are now familiar with Turkish culture. The hammam culture has been extremely popular in Turkey since the Ottoman Empire era. Rooms can be described as huge baths with some traditional features, where people can cleanse, experience sauna-like hours, and socialize at the same time. Here, you will see an impressive example of Ottoman bath architecture. Moreover, the numerous sculptures here represent people socializing and cleaning will make it easier for you to imagine the vivid view of the ‘’Hamam’’.



Historical Antep Houses

Have you met traditional Antep houses with extremely high walls and wide courtyards that fascinate people? If you are tired of seeing examples of soulless architecture today and want to see residential buildings that will help you visit the historical life in Anatolia, be sure to visit this place. Here, colored stone types, white marble, classical marble, lump stone, and aura stone were used.

These houses, which are cooler in summer and much warmer than other residences on winter days, were also built with a traditional insulation technology. The large windows and the large doors of the residences opening to the outside symbolize the intertwined life of this place. If you are asking the question of “Where should I visit in Gaziantep?”, this is definitely a place you should choose.



Gaziantep’s UNESCO Registered Cuisine: What to eat in Gaziantep?

UNESCO has listed 47 cities out of 33 countries in the “Creative Cities Network”. Gaziantep is among these cities with its extremely impressive cuisine. Here you will love the katmer, kebab, lahmacun, baklava, pistachio desserts, and much more!



Conclusion: Having a trip to Gaziantep

You should definitely come to Gaziantep as part of the Turkey cultural tour. Mosaic museums and impressive historical sites here will create unforgettable vacation experiences for you. Don’t forget to check out our other content to discover more areas!

Writen By : Sedanur Savar