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Kars: Unknown Winter Paradise of Turkey


If you first think about warm beachside towns when one calls ‘’Turkey’’, you should now be ready to meet a natural wonder different from others, because there are much more paradise-like areas in that country! Kars is one of the areas you should know with its impressive historical past, privileged areas for the winter holiday, and natural beauties.

Today, together with you, we will get to know Kars, the perfect destination for those who plan to travel to Turkey in winter. If you wish, let’s first examine general information about Kars and then must-seen places in Kars.

General Information About Kars

Kars is a natural and impressive beauty that caused many tourists to visit Turkey during winter, from November to April. This city is located in Turkey’s Eastern Anatolia Region which is called Mesopotamia in history books, established and hosted quite a variety of civilizations.

Do not forget to wear tight when coming to this city, which has an altitude of 1768 meters! Because here, while you are eating tea and traditional chestnut in front of the fireplace, it will be flaky snow outside!

1.     Sarıkamış

Do you know the Alp Mountains? Well, while you are in Kars, you will experience the eternity you feel inside while looking at the photographs of the Alp Mountains. Only two specific are of the world experience cyristal-like dust snow during winter: Alps mountains and Kars in Turkey.

Located in Sarıkamış region in Kars, the Ski Center welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. Sarikamış the best destination in Turkey to do snowboard or for off-piste, with the following features:

  • During the 141 days of the year, snow remains in the Sarıkamış region of Kars. The cold air created by the high altitude prevents the snow from melting.
  • The extremely long tracks are 70 meters wide. This allows you to snowboard freely and comfortably no matter how crowded the region is.
  • We have good news for those who do Turkey winter travel cost research! Kars Sarıkamış region is one of the centers where snowboarding is the most affordable.
  • There are different tracks designed for beginners and professionals in the region.
  • You have the chance to take private lessons in the snowboarding area.

Winter Vacation Festival in Sarıkamış, Kars

In Sarıkamış, which can be preferred by those who are looking for winter vacation festivals, there is a minus 30 degrees festival in February every year. This festival lasts for 3 days and many events and races are organized during these days. For example, remote activities with remote-controlled racing vehicles, offroad rally, snowboard races, and much more will make your time here more enjoyable!

Ani Ruins

For those who want to meet a Medieval city and hear the unique breath of history, there is another area that should be added to the Turkey Historical Tour catalog! Ani Ruins consists of the old structures of a medieval Armenian city. The region is very close to the Armenian border and it is possible to say that it has not been used since the 17th century. Moreover, this area, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2016, is also rich in churches, chapels, and monumental tombs.

Archaeological Site of Ani

Due to the architecture developed by adhering to the Christian tradition, it is also called “1001 Church City” by local people. The Ani city was an extremely busy and important area during the period of the Armenian Bagratuni Dynasty.

How To Go To Ani Ruins?

In order to go to Ani Ruins, you can take a private vehicle you rent after arriving in Kars by plane, a minibus, or by private vehicles of the agencies organizing tours in the region. The most important historical works in the region can be listed as follows:

  • Honents Church
  • Saint Prkich Church
  • King Gagik Church
  • Temple of Fire
  • Lion Gate
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What To Do in Turkey, Kars: Javelin Festival

Meet with a traditional game played by the Turks for centuries: javelin throwing. This traditional game of Turks consists of the moments when they take a position against each other with rods while riding a horse. This sport is both a ceremony and a sports competition event.

You can also meet with Kımız, the drink of Turks they drink especially during ceremonials. Kimiz is included in such games as a drink made with mare’s milk or donkey milk and believed to give strength, health, and physical resistance. If you want to participate in the Sarıkamış Jevalin Festival in Kars, do not forget to check the current date of it. Check out the news about Sarıkamış Ski Center we will share next. The estimated realization date of the 6th Sarıkamış Winter Games Festival has been determined as of February 28, 2021.

Kars Baltic Architecture: Meet the Baltic Dream in Turkey

Those looking for the best winter vacation destinations will come across an architecture that is hard to believe when they come to Kars: Baltic houses! Did you know that Kars was under Russian occupation between 1877 and 1878, and therefore special architectural works of Russian can be seen here? Important examples of Baltic Architecture were built in the most special areas of Kars within the architectural works that continued until 1918.

kars turkey

Photo via Instagram @withsonya_

kars turkey

Photo via Instagram @withsonya_

In this context, single-storey, two-storey, or maximum three-storey buildings made of basalt stone, living spaces with fireplaces in interior decoration, and special heating systems called PEÇ are the most important features of this architecture. These historical monuments that every tourist should see absolutely are labeled as unmovable heritages. There are 190 of them in total in Kars, Turkey, and are under the protection of the government’s special laws.

When To Come Turkey, Kars?

Due to its special winter climate and tourism, Kars is heavily visited from November to March and April, that is, during the winter months. You can also schedule your visit to be in these months if you want to have an unforgettable experience.

Is It Safe To Travel Turkey, Kars?

Yes, Turkey has a very high portion of its revenue from international tourism. Because it is really rich in historical and touristic beauties, there are tourism activities in all 5 regions of the county for all year. In addition, Kars hosts many foreign tourists from abroad, especially from hot regions of the world, and especially in the winter months.