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Rize : Unforgettable Trip to the Heart of the Rain


Black Sea Region is one of the places where Turkey’s green spaces, powerful water, and fertile soil coexist. Today, we will discover with you one of the most visited cities in the Black Sea Region in Turkey: Rize!

Rize is one of the most impressive cities of Turkey, preferred especially by nature-lover tourists. Although it has plenty of natural areas, it is also a developed city in terms of urbanization and also in terms of tourist facilities. So, if you are wondering which city to go to for a Turkey vacation, here is the answer!

If you wish, let’s examine the places to visit in Rize and the unforgettable experiences you can have here!

Plateaus : Gito, Pokut, Anzar, Ayder

When we say Rize, the first thing that comes to your mind should be the plateaus. When you go up to the springs with extremely high altitudes, you will have the chance to look at the clouds in the sky from above. Hotels, bungalow houses, and park areas that will allow you to examine nature from the first glance will impress you very much.

  1. Gito: Gito Plateau is an area that is 2070 meters above sea level. Many groups who love trekking sports arrive here after a trekking activity of about 10 to 15 kilometers, starting from the area called Zilkale (Zil Castle). You can also come here by hitchhiking or by means of various tours.
  2. Pokut: Pokut Plateau has a slightly dangerous way to climb by your private vehicle. You should not try to climb here especially with your Sedan vehicles! Even when you come here in August, you will see that stoves and fireplaces are lit up in the accommodation areas above. The altitude of Pokut Plateau, which receives rainfall almost every season, is exactly 2050 meters.
  3. Anzer: Anzer Plateau has peaks that look like they came from the fairyland. Some of the peaks of the plateau can have an altitude of 3 thousand meters. It is possible to see its rising forests at an altitude of approximately 2 thousand meters. The region is especially preferred by those looking for winter sports in Turkey. Because trekking, paragliding, and summit climbing are quite common here.
  4. Ayder: Ayder Plateau, which has more facilities than other plateaus and provides more luxurious accommodation, has an altitude of 1350 meters. When you come here, be sure to buy honey and take it to your neighbors! Also, do not forget to take advantage of the ‘’healing spa in Turkey’’ services offered here.

Waterfalls of Rize : Palovit, Gelintülü

You may know the famousness of Turkey waterfalls. It is possible to say that Rize is rich in water resources, too!

  1. Palovit Waterfall: This waterfall is one of the most popular areas of Rize. The most impressive aspect of the waters pouring from about 15 meters is the extremely high flow rate. When you come here, you will encounter a noise that will cause you not to even talk to the person next to you. Photographing the experience you have here can be a little difficult because the high flow water particles scattered around can generally wet the lenses.
  2. Gelintülü Waterfall: The name of this waterfall means “bride tulle” in English. This area is again a point where water falling from a height of about 15 meters and all shades of green can be seen together. The air of the region is extremely humid and the area where the waterfall is located has an altitude of exactly 1320 meters!

Fırtına Creek

This river is one of Turkey’s most popular scenic areas. This area is an extremely large one consisting of a combination of many different structures such as Elevit Creek, Palovit Creek, Hala Creek, Çat Creek. How about spending a few relaxing days here after doing Firtina Creek Vacation rentals and home research?

But we have a suggestion for those who want to spend a few days here: Do not forget to take your raincoat and rain boots. This place is rainy almost every day of the year!

It is located in the North Anatolian Mountains. To explore this is is completely free. Also, while walking in this area, you will see 20 different bridges from the Ottoman period. Those who want to experience a real natural landscape adventure should definitely come here after Palovit Falls!

Experience Tip: Çayeli Haremtepe Tea House

You can go to Rize Çayeli Haremtepe Tea House to take a short break during your pleasant vacation in Rize and have an unforgettable experience by drinking real, organic, fresh teas in the view of the endless field where teas are planted.

Kaçkar Mountains National Park

It is possible to say that the peak altitude of this natural wonder area, which also includes the River Storm, which we just mentioned, is exactly 3937m. This area also has a record-breaking habitat in terms of biological diversity. Not only bears and wolves, but also wild goats, deer, jackals, and wild hens make up the habitat here. If you are lucky, you may see some of them -but we hope not in close- during the trekking activity.

  • Kaçkar Mountains trekking activities include hours of magnificent nature walks.
  • Kaçkar Mountains weather is usually cloudy and often rainy so you have to come prepared.

Rize Castles : Zil Castle and Rize Castle

  1. Zil Castle: When you do research about castles in Turkey, you will probably encounter Zil Castle first. This place has a fairy-tale-like architecture and location. It is on the edge of the cliff and is located in Storm Valley (Fırtına Valley). We can say that this structure, which was completed in the 14th-15th century, is located at an altitude of 1130 meters.
  2. Rize Castle: This structure, which can be described as a partly-ruined medieval castle, is very close to the center of the city and is located at a low altitude. If you want to explore the city center after visiting the natural areas, we recommend you to visit here.