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Sanliurfa : When Religion and Human History Meets


Sanliurfa hosts important and exotic cultures in Turkey is fairly well known for its gastronomic characteristics and historical monuments. Also, the city’s location in Turkey’s border region has brought the city to a central position for export and import. Although the Syrian border’s political problems have caused mobility in the city’s border regions, the center and historical areas of it are still frequently visited and continue to maintain their popularity.

The city is located in the south of Turkey, in the Southeastern Anatolia Region. It is possible to say that Sanliurfa, with its population of more than 2 million, is rich in architectural works that contain religious representations.

Balikligöl: Impressive Legend of the Islamic Culture

Balikligöl has a very valuable story based on an Islamic legend. This lake is 150 meters long and 30 meters deep. According to this story, Nimrud set the Prophet Abraham on fire at this exact point. But just at that time, a perfect miracle of God took place. The environment suddenly changes, and a lake is formed so that Abraham does not burn. Many people who also believe in the fish’s holiness in this lake visit this place on special religious occasions. The number of visitors reaches its peak, especially on the Qandil Night or the Mevlid, special days in Islam.

Aynzeliha Lake: The Drama of Zeliha 

We can say that this lake also has a very impressive legend. Those in search of natural beauties in Sanliurfa will love this area, which contains almost all green together shades.  

When Prophet Abraham was thrown into the fire, Zeliha, the daughter of a man named Nimrud, criticized Nimrud and said that she believed in Prophet Abraham. This situation angers Nimrud, so Nimrud throws his daughter into the fire. The girl named Zeliha turns into ashes and burns here. Later, a lake miraculously forms here. Many rumors are stating that the lake here also consists of the young woman’s tears in question.


Eyyub Prophet’s Mosque

Those who research important mosques in Turkey and want to know Islamic culture closer can visit this place. The Eyyub Prophet, who gave his name to this architectural work, continued to suffer from an illness exactly at this point for a long time. After a certain period, he gets better thanks to his patience and resignation. Therefore, you may find that this area is often described as a spiritual healing center. This is a religious architectural area that lives, especially to represent trust and patience. 

Rizvaniye Mosque Sanliurfa

This mosque, located in the center of Sanliurfa, is right next to Balıklıgöl. It is possible to say that this mosque, with an extremely wide courtyard, has an impressive architecture. This mosque was also used as a madrasa, and religious education was given here.

Halilurrahman Mosque 

Halilurrahman Mosque, which is very close to Balıklıgöl, also has a large courtyard. According to the rumors, this mosque was originally built as a church. Even that, this church, built in the name of the mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, was extremely impressive and majestic. But later, in the 800s after Christ, this building was converted into a mosque. Besides, the building was repaired again in the 1200s. 

Dergâh Mosque Sanliurfa

Dergâh Mosque is located on Dergâh Plateau. It is possible to say that the mosque, which was repaired by Muhammed Mes’ ud (1816) and Mahmut, son of Mahmut (1852), was recently restored with the support of the people of Urfa. The structure, transformed from a cave, is also the healing water source called Zamzam (Islamic holy water).

Castle of Sanliurfa

The castle of Sanliurfa is located in a very high part of the city. Therefore, when you get here, you will see the city from a bird’s eye view. It is possible to say that this building, which was built in AD 814, is now exhibited and preserved as an open-air museum. This castle is one of the most important historical buildings in Turkey, built by the ancient Osroene.


Gobekli Tepe: The Place Changes the Whole Story of Humankind Sanliurfa

Don’t you want to see a place that has shaken the world since its archaeological traces were first discovered?  

  • So, why is Gobeklitepe important? Founded during the Pre 10th millennium BCE period, this area is considered the first religious center in world history. At the same time, this area gives some clues about the existence of religious values. The strong monotheistic belief emerged before settling down of humankind. 
  • Who built Gobeklitepe? It is now known that hunter-gatherers who lived even before antiquity built this space. Neolithic worshipers built this holy area and came here regularly for special religious organizations.  
  • So, Is Gobekli Tepe still being excavated? Actually, yes, but some parts of it are already open to visitors. You can come here whenever you want. 
  • Göbeklitepe is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Permanent List. Included in the temporary list in 2011, this field was added to the permanent list in 2018.

The Haleplibahçe Mosaic Museum  

The Haleplibahçe Mosaic Museum is an important destination that exhibits mosaics built, especially since the Roman period in the region, and has a very aesthetic modern architecture. One of the most interesting works in the museum depicts the Amazon queens Hippolite, Thermodosa, Melanippe, and Penthesileia. These queens hunt lions and leopards together in that mosaic. The Orpheus Mosaic and Amazons Villa are the most extraordinary works here. 

Halfeti (Ancient City) Sanliurfa

Halfeti, a living space in Sanliurfa, stands out with its impressive natural and aesthetic appearance, on the coast of the lake. The history of this city is quite old. The town was founded in 855 BC. Assyrian King III Salmanassar founded it. Houses and mosques built using special stones form the silhouette of this place. 

Kumbet Houses

Kumbet Houses are located in the Harran region of Sanliurfa. They have recently attracted many tourists, especially in summer and spring. They were built using bricks that were collected from nearby archaeological sites. The construction process of the area goes back 150 to 200 years now. The houses, which have a prismatic structure, have a large common courtyard. Houses with high and conical ceilings create an exotic ambiance.

Sanliurfa Archaeological Museum 

Sanliurfa Archeological Museum is a very special area where the ruins and valuable historical artifacts found in Göbekli Tepe or Harran are exhibited. Special works of the Southeastern Anatolia Project, a private state project, are also on display here. 

Historic Harran University: The First University in the World 

Which is the first university in the world? Let’s say right away: Harran University in Sanliurfa! This university, which has a history of approximately 4000 years, is unfortunately in ruins. But the pieces that still survive are worth seeing.

Suayb Ancient City

This area, where Shuayb, an important prophet in Islam’s religion, is commemorated, includes a special cave. This city is also called the “Old Man City.” The houses here contain typical features of Roman architecture. Houses with a triangular pediment often have a large courtyard. This place can be counted among Turkey’s historic destinations.