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Is it Safe to Travel to Turkey Now

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Is it safe to travel to Turkey now 2021?

Turkey is a country worth visiting with a lot of respect and a lot of cities. You can see unlimited number of beauty, history, and culture. But is it safe to travel in each country as well as in Turkey? You may be asking the question. We will explain this in detail in our article.

Tourists have preferred Turkey as a holiday region

Turkey is host to millions of tourists every year. The Grand Bazaar is İstanbulda Turkey and welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world every year. So many tourists do not have a problem when they come and go. When we look at the news sources, we do not see that there is a problem in terms of the safety of tourists.

Experience the holiday in Turkey by tourists who return negative feedback is not related to security. Also quite some cottage holiday tourist regions of Turkey. Tourists from countries such as Russia, England and Bulgaria buy even a summer house for themselves.

Millions of tourists come regularly every year and they do not have a problem. According to the regulation more tourists, the hotel is also a frequent occurrence in Turkey.  Turkey is a very favorable country for tourists in this sense. Even pricing is adjusted to the currency of the tourists. very damaging to tourists in Turkey who have tried to be helpful.

Police also quite protective of tourists in Turkey. You can see police everywhere, especially in metropolitan cities like Istanbul.

Is it safe to travel to Turkey right now: Covid-19 and More

Coronavirus has caused panic in many countries. For a while, countries had to stop coming and going with each other completely. So is it safe to Turkey on holiday at the moment?

Turkey, Coronavirus scope of measures implementing the curfew at certain times and days. However, this does not apply to tourists. In other words, while Turkish people are sitting in their homes, you can walk around freely without risk. This Turkey is doing quite safe from the disease.

At the same time, Turkey was one of the best-managed country’s coronavirus process. Despite the population density, the number of patients was low compared to other countries. In the event of a disease, hospitals are quite adequate.

Is it safe to travel to Turkey now: Measures taken by Turkey Government Against Coronavirus

Turkey has already taken measures within the scope of the virus. We will list these measures for you.

  • It is forbidden not to wear masks in Turkey. Citizens have to wear masks and if they do not, they get fined.
  • Attention is paid to social distance rules. Care is taken to keep a distance of 2 meters between everyone.
  • The curfew begins at 09:00 P.M on Friday and ends at 05:00 A.M on Monday. However, tourists are exempt from this ban.
  • People under 20 and over 65 can only go to nearby grocery stores for basic needs. This significantly reduces the number of people on the street.
  • Restaurants and cafes are only open between 10.00 A.M and 08.00 P.M for takeaway. People are not found for strolling in the streets. This opens up a large area for tourists.
  • Every citizen is controlled by the Hes Code. Even when getting on public transport, people are asked for their Hes code. If this account code is risky, that citizen is quarantined immediately. Those who are risky outside cannot travel comfortably.
  • It is emphasized that there is an epidemic in this house on the door of the houses caught coronavirus and that the house and the region are risky. You have the opportunity to stay away from such areas.
  • Besides, there is an application to see the virus density in your area. You can avoid vacationing in these areas.

After the recent days of the prohibition and prevention, as people stayed home and tourists in Turkey it was seen to enter the sea. In other words, tourists can comfortably take a holiday and walk around the streets. And since the people are at home, the risk of contamination is minimized.

Turkey has become a very suitable country for tourists from the moment of its citizens. You can have the opportunity to travel comfortably in areas that are very crowded under normal conditions.  However, you must take precautions and be very careful in the process.

Is it safe for Americans to travel to Turkey?

Because Turkey has a cosmopolitan past in terms of history and culture, it is a country where people with different backgrounds can easily spend time. Especially if you are coming to big cities or holiday regions such as Istanbul, Bodrum, Antalya, Izmir, Ankara, you will find that the tolerance for differences is really high.

Contrary to what is spoken in many parts of the world, Turkey is an area where Americans –maybe especially Americans- can come and have a great time. The last terrorist attack in Turkey, a completely secular and democratic country, within the framework of the religious manifesto, took place in 2016 (31 December, ‘’Reina Attack’’). There was no such attack for a long time before that and hasn’t happened later. The widespread presence and protection of places of worship of different religious groups in the country show that the local people (not only Muslims but also Christians and Jews) have a very high tolerance in this regard.

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