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Daily Ephesus Tour

Daily Ephesus Tour

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Daily Ephesus Tour by Flight

Early morning pick up at the hotel and continue to the Istanbul airport.

Trip to Ephesus: After arriving at the Izmir airport we will continue to the ancient city of Ephesus.


Ephesus, is an extraordinary ancient city of the Greek and Roman empires. With ocean channels and harbor bowl, it was an Hellenic Greek capital city and was also the capital of the Roman Empire in Asia. Ephesus was monetarily, geologically, strategically and socially noteworthy. Numerous renowned old style thinkers, such as  Heraclitus, lived in the logical, social and imaginative city of Ephesus.


After entering through the Magnesia Gate you start a moderate downhill stroll with your guide . The course takes you to the Odeon(Concert Hall), The Baths of Varius (used as a Gymnasium), Prytaneion (administrative workplaces additionally where strict services, official gatherings and feasts were held), Agora(commercial market of Ephesus), The Temple of Hadrian (dedicated to Emperor Hadrian, Artemis and the individuals of Ephesus), The Fountain of Trajan (constructed for the honor of Emperor Trajan) and the Great Theater. This venue had seating for 24.000 people. It was where  St. Paul delivered his letters to the  Ephesians and is utilized today for concerts and celebration.


Celsus Library is the most photographed  structure and one of the most famous structures connected with Ephesus. It was raised by Gaius Julius Aquila (son of Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus). Expected that the construction was finished in 117 A.D. It is made of marble and enlivened with figures of Eros, Nike, and rosettes and festoons depicting events during the ancient times.


The House of Virgin Mary, is near the pinnacle of Bülbül Mountain, on one of the slopes sitting above Selçuk. After the passing of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary went to Ephesus with Saint John and lived there from that point forward until her death, around 101 A.D. Thus this holy site is a significant  place of pilgrimage for Christians. There is also a spring near the house used for leaving prayers and obtaining a source of Holy Water.

Both Pope Paul VI and John Paul II visited this house. The House of the Virgin Mary is said  to be consecrated and a significant journey spot visited by Christians from around the world.


The Temple of Artemis (Diana), was, in its day, the largest on the planet, obscuring even the Parthenon in Athens, and in this manner gaining a spot on the rundown of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Just one of its unique 127 segments remains. Regularly, its top is bested by a stork’s home; a strong demonstration of the temporary idea of human accomplishment. Still it is a flawless, quiet spot, the huge column gives one some sign of the tremendous size of the sanctuary.


Isa Bey Mosque was built for Aydinogullari Emirate Isa Bey, in 1375. It is a decent example of Seljuk/Turkish engineering. It is on the western side of Ayasuluk Hill on which stands the fortification and the tomb of Saint John. At the end of this trip you will be transported back to Istanbul and then to the Hotel.

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