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turkey travel advisory

Turkey Travel Advisory : Before You Travel Read

Turkey Travel Advisory

Before getting into Turkey Travel Advisory, it is healthy to understand what a travel advisory is.Travel advisories are governmental issued warnings for traveling to or from a country. Every traveler must check travel advisories to the country they’re going to. There are different levels of travel advisories.Every country issues and updates the travel advisory from their website. In which case, for Turkey Travel Advisory, the traveler must check their Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website.

As the whole world takes desperate measures for safety on COVID-19,Turkey has taken precautions for the well-being of the country as well. During the COVID-19 pandemic as all nations undergo restrictions around the world, the travel guidelines have changed for Turkey, the tourism paradise.

turkey travel advisory

Levels of Turkey Travel Advisory

There are 4 Levels of travel advisory with a color corresponding to each level appearing at the top of each country page. According to the US. Official website, Turkey Travel Advisory is currently on the 3rd level.As the conditions change rapidly, people traveling to Turkey must check the travel advisory of the country.

Level 1: This level is the lowest advisory level. People could exercise their normal course of travel and
must follow the travel advisories for any changes.

Level 2: Conditions may change at any time, but on this level travelers must be aware of high risks for
safety and security and must exercise with increased caution.

Level 3: At this level the passengers who are thinking of traveling must reconsider their travels due to
serious risk of safety and security.

Level 4: It is the highest level of advisory and under no circumstance traveling must be considered.
Guidelines for Turkey Travel Advisory changes from country to country. Travelers can check the related
country on their governmental official website.

Reasons of Issuing Turkey Travel Advisory

There are several different reasons for issuing travel advisory. The main reason for restricting travel is the global pandemic COVID-19. Every country has issued travel advisories to stop the spread of the virus. Other then this particular global threat, travel advisories are also issued if a country has violence, terrorism or natural a disaster ongoing. Turkey Travel Advisory is being updated according to these situations.

Current Situation on Turkey

Now that we have acknowledged what a travel advisory is, we can share information about the Turkey Travel Advisory. Turkey is still the tourism paradise as some would say. Whether it’s unique history or having both hands on Europe and Asia the country has been historic in its existence.

Being the traveler’s main visiting point,Turkey has changed it’s travel advisory as the world adapts to the change due to COVID-19. There have been travel restrictions of traveling internationally and domestically from it, or visiting the country from abroad.


Ever since the pandemic started

Turkey has taken safety measures to prevent the virus from spreading.The flights have opened on June 1st for all international and domestic
destinations. Airline companies are instructed to keep the social distance for passengers and wearing a face mask is an obligation during the flights. Same rule goes for all visitors and citizens who are already in the country and are traveling by bus or any public transportation. All citizens including the visitors have to wear a mask in the streets and in any public area.

Turkey Travel Advisory has changed for local areas including cafes, restaurants and bars must obey the social distancing and sanitizing of the environment on a regular basis. Live music ends at 22:00. Sight seeing is limited according to the place visited. All local markets have hand sanitizer stands and must be entered with a mask.

Other than COVID-19 precautions,

Turkey Travel Advisory also has restrictions to travel certain areas of the country, mostly the southeast region. Travelers must
check the national news and travel alerts to prevent getting caught in such situations. Tourism regions of the country such as Bodrum, Antalya and Çeşme have taken precautions. Hotels opened on June 15th, and the season has been quite magnificent and lively. All hotels have taken specific instructions on the safety and the health of their visitors.


In conclusion, even though the world is changing fast, Turkey is a place to visit. After flight limitations have lifted, and as long as the precaution results for COVID-19 are satisfying, travelers must visit the country. Travel Advisory changes as the current world changes and it willl be in the visitors best interest to check the official website for any updates before traveling.

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