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Turkey Travel Guide

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Sultanahmet Mosque - İstanbul

Turkey Travel Guide Discover with Us

Turkey Travel Guide 

Turkey is one of the most important and beautiful destinations preferred by tourists in various parts of the world. If you have not made a holiday plan yet, you can add Turkey to your options and have a perfect holiday. You can also create an ideal holiday plan by contacting our company, which serves as Turkey travel advisory.  

 Most of Turkey’s territory is located in Anatolia, and a small part is located in Thrace, an extension of the Balkans. Turkey, surrounded by seas on three sides, consists of two peninsulas separated by the Istanbul Strait and the Dardanelles Strait. These straits separate Anatolia from Thrace, that is, Asia from Europe. Turkey is a favorite destination for foreign tourists with its long coasts parallel to the Mediterranean Sea and its extension, the Aegean Sea.  Turkey has four sea coasts: Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, and the Marmara Sea. The country, which has different geographical and climatic characteristics, has numerous natural beauties. Anatolian history, formed under the influence of other cultures, has made Turkey extremely rich in cultural heritage.  

When to go to Turkey ? 

The appropriate period to visit Turkey with its unique geography, where four seasons can be experienced in the same period in different corners, varies according to the region to be visited. January and February are preferred for winter sports; centers such as PalandokenUludag, and Erciyes see the most appropriate snow level. 

The Black Sea region is rainy during most of the year. It is convenient to visit during transition periods such as late spring and early autumn. August and July, especially in the summer months, this region is suitable for visiting the season is short on the Aegean coast. May-November is the season for Sea tourism in Antalya, called” the Pearl of the Mediterranean”. Located at the southwest point where the Aegean and Mediterranean meet, Muğla province is the most preferred place of Turkey by both domestic and foreign tourists in terms of sea tourism with its districts such as FethiyeBodrumDatça. 

Must-See Places In Turkey 

There are many beauties to see in Turkey. But it is impossible to explain them all in detail. For this reason, we have compiled a few places that you should see within the scope of the Turkey Travel Guide for you. We can examine them as follows.  

Mount Nemrut 

Nemrut Mountain, which was closed to visitors due to natural conditions in the winter months, opened its doors to its guests again as the weather warmed. Protected as a national park and “the most beautiful place in the world where the sunrise and sunset are monitored” belong to the Commagene Kingdom, which was called the mountain of the essential values to 50 feet high, 150 feet in diameter tumulus and giant sculptures, these days, offer a view of the pleasure of looking high. 

Lycian Way 

Travelers who stay in the Valley of Butterflies, whose reputation spreads all over the world, and then follow the bays of KabakCennet, and Korsan, reach the ancient city of Letoon, which is located on the borders of Seydikemer district, also called the religious capital of the Lycian region and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List Turkey.


It would help if you considered Istanbul as a city and travel all over it. From Dolmabahce Palace to Topkapi Palace, from the Bosphorus to the Maiden’s Tower, from Taksim to Galata Tower, İstanbul is full of natural and historical places to visit.  


2 km from Bursa. Cumalıkızık is one of the villages Orhangazi built before entering Bursa. If you go to the town, which consists of houses where the most beautiful Ottoman architecture examples are given, the water flowing through the narrow streets will meet you. 


Alaçatı is one of the places where surfers of every nation flock. It offers the opportunity to surf all the year with its wind and is waiting for you with its natural beauty, architecture, and growing natural products. 


25 km from Datça Center. in Palamutbuku, you can enter the sea, fish in its transparent waters, and take a boat tour to nearby places. Designated as a site area the village offers a good holiday opportunity for those who love the sea and nature. 

The Blue Lagoon 

In Ölüdeniz, connected to Fethiye, you can enter the sea on the most beautiful beach globally; you can see the Valley of butterflies and the island of ships, you can paraglide from Babadağ. 


18 km between Fethiye and Antalya. Saklikent, which is in length, comes across as a valley offering extraordinary beauty. The place where you will climb the rocks to advance will give you a different experience. 

Mevlana Museum 

Konya is a complete open-air museum with its historical and cultural heritage. Hz. Those who want to feel Mevlana’s understanding and experience should drop their way to this city. 


Uzungol is a dream garden hidden among the mountains. A thousand and one Shades of green, colorful flowers, Highland cool… Reduce your path to Uzungöl before the structure multiplies. 


Are you one of those people who look at balloon tour photos in Cappadocia and sighs? If the answer is yes, this summer, devote part of your vacation to seeing fairy chimneys. 


45 km from Sanliurfa. Harran in the southeast is a vital stopping point connecting Mesopotamia with the Mediterranean. It has a history of 5 thousand years. Important cultural center since the early ages. 


Söğüt, the first capital of the 700-year-old Ottoman State, is 29 km from Bilecik.  You can drop your way to Söğüt and visit the shrines of Ertuğrul GaziDursun Faki, and Sheikh Edebali. 


Drop your way to Mardin, where religions and sects are blended, to see the place of stone in human life, how human labor shapes stone. 

How to Get To Turkey ? 

You can reach Turkey via airports in major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, or by transfer. Besides, you can get support from our company, which serves you as Turkey travel advisory and plan your trip in the best way. After reviewing the Turkey Travel Guide that we have prepared for you if you have decided to go to Turkey, you can make your plan by contacting us immediately. 

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