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About Us

Why Choose Us

A choice that makes the difference

1. We believe in being real, local, and enthusiast in order to provide a true service! That’s why we don’t serve you with robot-like booking engines or soulless anonymous call centers. We offer a true communication channel for your real experiences.
2. We care about you having a real travel experience. For this reason, the guides that will accompany you during your travel are selected from among professionals who are experts in their fields, who know the region very well, and who are licensed and trained.
3. We care that you benefit from the best services during your entire travel experience. In this context, we communicate with you directly and receive feedback about your experience.
4. We believe in a customizable vacation experience. Everyone’s expectations and wishes from a vacation are different, right? That’s why we’d like to listen to you first.
5. We don’t want our customers to try to deal with paperwork in their holiday experiences. You just focus on your vacation, we’ll take care of the bureaucracy!
6. Get the best quality service at the best prices. The currency you have is extremely valuable here!
7. Whenever you need help or support during travel, it is extremely easy to ask for help from us. Our biggest goal is to be accessible. We have established a team of travel experts who will provide exceptional service to our customers through our 24/7 chat and phone support .
8. Each of our tour packages and vacation plans can be shaped and customized according to your wishes and expectations.
9. You apply to the financial planner for a good investment, right? An interior designer for good home decoration? Indeed, what you are doing is actually what it ought to be. So why not use an expert travel advisor for a good holiday? We know the best accommodation alternatives, restaurants, and route plans for you!
10. We love Turkey, we want to show others its beauties. That is the reason we are the best in our field!

About Us

We are here for you

Hayreddin Battalbaş

Let me tell you some things about myself.
My name is Hayreddin Battalbaş, and ıf you are reading this, you will have an idea about me and why I started this travel agency.

I was born and raised in İstanbul, and during the years, I have traveled to many countries and crossed all of Turkey.
Initially, I decided to study tourism because I loved meeting people. Secondly, I wish to travel the world. I started traveling since I finished high school, and I continue whenever possible until now.
Having already ten years of hotel experience, I decided to start my travel agency and share my knowledge with others.

Kondilo Meropi Kagali

Kondylo had fallen in love with Turkey back in 2008 when she relocated with her job and has called Istanbul her home ever since.

Originally from Athens, Greece, and extremely well-traveled, Kondylo knows every nook and cranny of this beautiful city, its people and vibe: she is friends with young Turkish designers, she knows fashion, art and music like no other, will arrange for your concerts, meet up with local artists, exclusive entrance to places of interest, will reveal the hottest trends and the most elegant in the city, but will also arrange for your getaways and journeys beyond Istanbul, with the very best.
Everyone should visit Turkey, one of the most visited countries globally, at least once in their lifetime.
We know Turkey like the back of our palm; we will share with you incredible secret places because we are your Turkish Travel Agent.
Now is the time to start planning your journey to Turkey, and let us be by your side as your exclusive and personal Turkey Travel Guide.