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Van : The Pearl of the Eastern of Turkey 


Did you know that there are undiscovered paradise areas that combine natural and historical beauties in the Eastern Region of Turkey? Then, exploring the history of the Van with a short, dreamy, and efficient Turkey Tour might be a good idea.  

Having an altitude of 1726 meters, this very high city carries the deep legends and complex history of Anatolia and Mesopotamia.  

Maybe the most crucial feature of Van is that it has an area called Old Van City. In this area, it is possible to come across Mesopotamian Civilizations and impressive structures from Architect Sinan (Mimar Sinan). You will usually find mosques, castles, domes, and churches with unique old and architectural details while visiting this place. There is also a modern museum in the region where historical artifacts from the Urartu period are exhibited. The museum, which was completed in 2019, awaits its visitors. 

So, we will have an in-depth review of Van, one of the most popular destinations for people who love historical tours! You will see details about the place to visit, activities to experience in that article. Let’s start the web tour together! 

Akdamar Island (Akdamar Memorial Museum) 

You will be amazed when you see the very majestic Armenian Cathedral Church of the Holy Cross in Akdamar Island, Turkey. First of all, it is worth mentioning that this island is the second-largest island in Lake Van, which covers a total area of ​​3,755 square kilometers.  

Kram I. Gagik built the cathedral church on the island, and the date of its construction is approximately 915 AD. This church, one of the essential artistic structures built by the Armenians in the Middle Ages, started to be used as a monastery in 1113. 

To go to this island and see the exciting church, you can take a ferry from Van’s Gevaş district and have an unforgettable lake travel experience. 

Fairy chimneys in Turkey (Vanadokya) 

Fairy chimneys are not found only in Cappadocia in Turkey. In fact, the fairy chimneys of Van’s Yavuzlar village look just like the fairy chimneys you see on your Cappadocia trip. This is one of the reasons why thousands of tourists visit Van, especially during summer. We definitely recommend Van to those who research Turkey tour packages and want to get to travel to the destinations where they can see fairy chimneys closely. 

  • There are approximately 17 thousand different fairy chimneys in this area.  
  • There are many historic caves and tunnels in the region. 
  • You will have the chance to see the actual manifestation of natural history in this area, which is almost an open-air museum. 

Muradiye Waterfall

We found a good vacation destination for lovers of natural beauty to visit in Turkey. Muradiye Waterfalls flow with a strong force, will allow you to take great photos during your trip to Turkey. This structure, which is about 50 meters long, is not the highest one, but the main features distinguishing this natural structure from others are extremely high water sound and flow rate. When you come here, you will be greeted by freezing weather. Don’t forget to dress accordingly! 

UNESCO World Heritage List in Van

Those who ask the question “How many Unesco sites are in Turkey?” will meet dozens of different areas. Among them, there are two other sites from Van. The first of these is Tushpa / Van Fortress! 

  1. Tushpa / Van Fortress: This structure, built in the Urartu period and consists of mudbricks, is dated between the 9th and 7th centuries BC. 
  2. The Old City of Van : Actually, these two areas are listed under the same name. Because the Old City of Van is located to the south of Van Fortress and is home to many historical monuments surrounded by walls. 

Urartu Museum  

It is not wrong to say that Turkey is a vast open-air museum itself. Civilizations with many different cultures and beliefs have lived in this rich land for centuries. That has made it cosmopolitan in terms of both historical monuments, lifestyle, and architecture. Let us give you a shortlist of the things you should see in Van Urartu Museum: 

In addition to tools and ceramics belonging to ancient times, many objects such as pottery, bowls, mugs, and swords are exhibited in the Van Urartu Museum. Besides, there is an Ethnographic Artifacts Collection where rugs and other ethnic artifacts are displayed.  

Van Lake  

The Lake Van in Turkey has been subjected to many myths during history. The lake is so complete that it contains four different islands. These names of the islands are as follows: 

  1. Akdamar Island 
  2. Ktuts Island 
  3. Lim Island 
  4. Arter Island 

Numerous water sports can be experienced in this area. If you visit this place, especially during specific festival periods, the crowded and cosmopolitan culture will impress you. The following events are held here during the period called Van Lake Festival: 

  1. Several water sports 
  2. Inshore powerboat racing events 

For those interested in geology, the formation process of Lake Van is awe-inspiring. We can say that this lake, which emerged approximately 600,000 years ago, has come to an end due to tectonic movements. Numerous continental activities in the Eastern Anatolia region and also the transformations of metamorphic rocks in specific periods have created this wide area today. 

Van Cat 

Are you ready to meet with Turkey’s private domestic cat species in the Van region? The biological species name of these incredibly beautiful cats is Felis Catus. Do you wonder what Van Colored cat is? The most different characteristics of these cats are that they have green eyes while the other is blue.  

So how much is a Turkish Van Cat? If you want to buy a cat here, don’t forget to stop by local pet shops and have a good bargain. So, for those who as “Which breed of cat likes water?” let us answer: The Van Cats! These cats are also called “swimming cats” in Turkey because they are often seen swimming in Lake Van. Considering that cats don’t like swimming generally, it becomes even more impressive to have a local cat with these different characteristics.