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Adiyaman : The Real Spirit of the Glory Past 


Located in the east of Turkey and attracting attention especially with its historical and natural beauties, Adiyaman is one of the indispensable destinations of cultural Turkey tours. When a historical examination is made, it is possible to say that the settlement in the city dates back to quite old times. That is, located in the middle of Mesopotamia, this city was settled in 40,000 BC. Many historical artifacts from the Bronze Ages period are exhibited in traditional museums here.

Today, we have examined Adiyaman for you to find the answer to the question “Where should I visit in Turkey?” If you want to get to know this city better, check out popular Adiyaman destinations now!

Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut, one of the most impressive mountains in the world, will truly enchant you with its beauty and cinematic view that can even enter your dreams. We are almost sure that you will shiver when you see the mystical sculptures when you reach the foot of the mountain.Mount Nemrut is a 2,134-meter-high mountain, so even as you climb here you will immediately notice that you have had a unique and unforgettable experience.

So, what will you experience while you are in Nemrut Mount? We imagine you will feel quite impressed while examining the gigantic sculptures that were built in the first century BC. When you get here, we are almost sure that you will experience the deepest freedom when the wind hits your face. Many tourists prefer Mount Nemrut, one of the Iconic UNESCO World Heritage Sites, for hiking activities. So you can also join hiking groups if you want.

Is Nemrut mount safe? Well, of course, it is. It is a popular touristic place that anyone can visit!

Cendere Bridge

Have you ever thought that while exploring Adiyaman, you can also discover ancient Roman history? Cendere Bridge is an extremely important bridge shown among the architectural heritage left by late Rome to modern times of Turkey. The bridge, which has a total length of 120 meters and a width of 7 meters, has a very impressive silhouette. It is possible to say that this structure, also known as the Chabinas Bridge, crosses Chabinas Creek. This structure was built to the era’s architecs by the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus. In addition, it is located 55 km northeast of Adiyaman in southeastern Turkey.

Adiyaman Perre Ancient City

Would you like to explore ancient Rome closer than ever before? Actually, this is pretty easy to do. This impressive historical city in Adiyaman offers you a real discovery process with ruins and old buildings. This place is on the fifth kilometer on the Adıyaman Central Malatya road. Getting here with your private vehicle is extremely easy.

Do you know that this area is also called Hierapolis? Well, there are actually many ancient cities named ‘’Hierapolis’’, because it means ‘’holly’’ in English. The main feature of the city is that it is also seen as a holy city and it was considered as the center of many religious rituals and ceremonies in the past. Therefore, it may be a logical idea to examine the buildings with their religious meaning while visiting this place. It is possible to say that the city was an important geopolitical center in ancient times.

Arsemia Ancient City

Meet another ancient city on the route of Mount Nemrut, which is one of the indispensable routes, especially for those who plan a historical trip to Turkey! Arsemia Ancient City is a place where religious tunnels and places of worship were built, a unique Greek address was found, and also the tombs belonging to kings are built. It was popular to write various information about ancient legends on reliefs and stones in the city. So, we see them on the monumental tomb, too. In the tomb belonging to Mithridates I, the father of King Antiochus I, you can see detailed information about the history of Arsemia.

It may be a good idea to watch the sunrise on Mount Nemrut and come to this special city at sunset. In this way, we are sure that you will feel that you are in the right places in the most special moments of the day.

Adiyaman Palanli Cave

Meet with a very impressive cave located approximately 10 kilometers north of Adiyaman. The most basic feature of this cave is that unique figures and inscriptions from 40.000 BC are on the walls. The lines that our human ancestors created thousands of years ago to express themselves and communicate make the cave walls almost magical.

In addition, the cave is located in a deep valley. This feature adds a special natural beauty to the cave and ranks the area to a must-visit list. You should definitely visit Palanli Cave, which is one of the indispensable destinations for tourists who want to explore the Paleolithic period in detail and get closer to human ancestors. Do not forget to add this cave to the list of places to visit in Adiyaman!

Gumuskaya Caves

These caves are visited by thousands of people every year, although they are far from the center of Adiyaman. You can easily reach these caves by your car along the river between Urfa and Adiyaman. The most basic feature that distinguishes caves from other cave structures is that there are tunnels connecting them to each other. Archaeological research has revealed that these caves were built more than 2000 years ago, 150 years before Christ. These caves bear traces of modern life. People living here used wells, balconies, and rooms. This makes them one of the powerful symbols of settled life.

Visiting this place can be a little difficult for people with claustrophobia. You have to walk through spaces that connect with the surface but are almost completely dark. Still, these caves constitute one of the most popular answers to the question of where to visit in Adiyaman.

Adiyaman Purple Petrus and Purple Paul Church – Syriac Ancient Metropolitan

Did you know that Adiyaman is an ancient city that represents more than one language and religion with its cosmopolitan structure? Get to know the Adiyaman Purple Petrus and Purple Paul Church – Assyrian Ancient Metropolitan, one of the most important symbols of Anatolia’s rich culture and history! This old church, estimated to have been built between the 4th and 5th centuries AD, was later renovated with restoration work. The construction, which is carried out by adhering to the Syriac inscriptions, is defined as a three-nave basilica.

Conclusion: Visit Adıyaman, Turkey and Get To Know the Ancient History

While taking advantage of a pleasant and unforgettable cultural trip in Adiyaman, don’t forget to visit the destinations we have listed for you. A good trip is one in which the historical and cultural fabric of the city is discovered. These destinations will make you feel like a ‘‘wanderer’’!